As the sun is rising on this beautiful day, I am reminded of the early mornings of summer coming up soon. We are getting ready for our last Sportsman show in Grand Rapids Michigan then it will be time to get the planes ready for floats and open water…ok maybe that is wishful thinking, but it will come eventually.

If you haven’t decided where to go for your fishing trip yet, here are 5 reasons to choose Hearst Air.

1. Hearst Air offers the BEST trophy fishing on the Attawapiskat River.

2. Hearst Air is the only host to the amazing Sutton River for world class Brook Trout fishing.

3. With over 38 years of experience, we can find you the best spot for your group’s needs and vacation desires.

4. Very competitive pricing for comfortable/basic accommodations and superior fishing!

5. and by gosh…we are just awesome people!! call now 1-866-844-5700

every day in Northern Ontario offers you an opportunity to take a deep breath and truly appreciate the moment, the experience and the time you are having with great people.

every day in Northern Ontario offers you an opportunity to take a deep breath and truly appreciate the moment, the experience and the time you are having with great people.


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Good day !!!

The New Fly Fisher is airing the television show they produced after visiting us at Sutton River and Attawapiskat River. This show is NOT TO BE MISSED !!! If you like big beautiful brookies and monster pike, these are the best places Ontario has to offer. See for yourself on WFN

Tuesday 6 th of May, 2014 @ 10:30 am & 19:30 EST
Wednesday 7 th of May, 2014 @ 1:00 am EST

What’s new for 2014??

Hearst Air is proud to add another trophy pike and walleye HOT spot!! We have been flying to the Attawapiskat river for over 30 years now. Working with the Baxter family at Pym island and into a few lakes near the larger rivers has helped us access the best in trophy fishing the north has to offer. Just north of Pym Island is a location we call Canada lake. The camp is on the main river, but also has access to a smaller lake called Canada which also offers walleye and pike fishing. You do NOT want to miss this.

It’s that time of year again.  As I stare out on the freshly frozen lake at the Carey lake airbase, the guys are discussing the freeze up date compared to the past years. The weather is nothing but typical and the last couple of years have been hard to predict. Looks like the winter has arrived a little earlier than the last, but it is welcomed with open arms. This year brought us great fishing adventures, exciting canoe trips on the Sutton and great trophy hunts from the Attawapiskat river and area. All in all, Hearst Air appreciated everyone all season.

Remote fly-in fishing outposts for walleye, pike and perch

– Trophy pike and trophy walleye trips on the Attawapiskat River

– Sutton River speckled trout float trips

– Paddling trips in the James Bay and Hudson Bay lowlands

– Moose hunting packages

– or charter anywhere with your own gear for a truly custom outdoor adventure.

Call us anytime to begin planning your perfect vacation. 1-866-844-5700

Here’s an article written on Pym Island fishing with a group from Ontario. They are avid trophy fishermen (and woman:) who truly enjoyed the river. To enjoy the river with your own group, please call anytime. We’d be glad to set you up!

Proud hunter from Ottawa Ontario.

Our 2012 moose hunting season has started and our first successful hunters in Martison lake are surely all smiles as the DeHavilland Turbo beaver flies away with their nice bull moose. Autumn is here and there are signs of a new season. Leaves are changing, mornings are cold…perfect moose hunting!

Moose hunting trips can be booked ahead of time for the following year. if you call us now, we can give you an idea of availability for 2013 but our present hunters will have first pick at returning to their favorite locations.

– RESIDENT HUNTERS – please make sure you have your moose licences and seals with you. Many Ontario residents have not received their seals from the MNR. Please make sure you call into your local office prior to your trip. We will  not be able to issue your tag without it.

– NON-RESIDENT HUNTERS – Moose hunting and fishing licences can be purchased online if you already have your outdoor cards. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to call in. We will be glad to help you get ready prior to your arrival.